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Miss Mid-West Beauty Pageant is organised by senior and well-known citizens of West-Nepal Region. The organisers are either from Fashion field, Computer related field, Website related field, Social-Work related side, Finance related field and / or renowned Business groups and concerns.

In effort to keep this Miss Mid-West Beauty Pagaent Show a dignified and credential Tiara among other events of Nepal, all organiser members are dedicated towards their jobs always in this event.

Below is brief introduction of each organiser-member -

Mrs. Parul Shrotria

Mrs. Parul Shrotria is operating her Fashion and Handicraft institute in Nepal. She is only personality in whole Western Nepal operating such kind of institute. She is in this field since about 12 years.

Mr. Pawan K Shrotria

Mr. Pawan K Shrotria is from Computer field. He is operating the only Web-hosting company providing Domain name solutions, Web-hosting, SEO and all other web related solutions. He is the only renowned Fashion photographer in Western Nepal. Due to his effort in Glamour Photography in Western Nepal, a leading national magazine published from Kathmandu has credited him as 'The only Fashion Photographer in Western Nepal' last year. He has been continuously invited as nominated personality in various Beauty Pagaent shows held in Western Nepal in past seven years consulting the related team. Now he is organising his own Beauty Pagaent show - Miss Mid-West.

Mr. Vinod Gyawali

Mr. Vinod Gyawali works in the Justice and Law field in Nepal. He is also a renowned TOT (Trainer of Trainers) in Nepal. He has conducted a great number of trainings to various Government sectors, Nepal Police and Non-Government Sectors.

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